Crimp Curve & Half Circle Crimp Curve
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Is available crimp curved which enhance the aesthetic appeal of any roof. These crimp curved profiles provide unparalleled for creative design of your building. The end result is a great looking roof that is easy to install.

Crimp Curve and Half Crimp Curve are most suitable used in building porch, veranda and bus shelter. It allows flexibility in buildings designs. Builders are no longer confined to only flat and angled roofing options but can now incorporate concave curves to them. Besides adding beauty to the building, it is also cost saving, practical and easy to install, thus speeding up work in construction.

Advantages of Crimp Curve & Half Circle Crimp Curve
  • Reduce cladding material required to cover a given area.
  • Simplified and reduce work involved in installation of fascia capping.
  • Less supporting framework required for fascia, parapets and roofs.
  • Reduction or elimination of many flashing and capping.

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